history of SloFolk

In spring 2005 the International Folklore Festival SloFolk Slovenia also became listed as one of the international cultural festival events. The inicentive was born among members of the Kres Folklore Club from Novo Mesto who performed abroad many times and have thus become acquainted with many folklore groups and clubs as well as with their diversified and astonishing folklore tradition. Their belief that the tradition is worth being presented to Slovenia’s public has drawn them to make the idea to come true. Members of the Kres folklore group invited other three groups from Gorenjska Region to help with the organisation of the new festival: Račna Folklore Group from Račna pri Grosupljem; Vidovo Folklore Group from Šentvid pri Stični and KUD Oton Župančič Folklore Group from Artiče. Every second year the group from Račna was replaced by the folklore group from Javorje.
Those two groups ended SloFolk story with year 2013. With festival SloFolk 2014 we got new group in team of organisation and that is Folklore group Velike Lašče.

In choosing their guests they do not stick to the borders of the European Union, but they go beyond to the area of geographical Europe, whose diversified folklore tradition they want to present to numerous visitors of their events.

The festival is not intended for visitors only. An important part of the festival is meeting different folklore groups – getting to know cultures, languages, religions and customs from different parts of Europe. Besides their daily performances guests have the opportunity to get to know Slovenia and our language, natural beauties and cultural heritage. In this way the mission of the festival is fulfilled: it brings Europe together in terms of culture. This kind of cooperation among nations of the European Union and wider, among nations of geographical Europe contributes to getting to know different cultures, religious tolerance and learning of foreign languages. Their differences make them unique while their similarities give them an equal place in Europe.