Obligations of SloFolk:

  • Assures accommodation with breakfast in youth hostel, barrack or at families and other daily meals in different inns, restaurants or at families.
  • Assures lunch packets for the last day.
  • Pays the amount of total 150 EUR for fuel consumption for the distances driven all over Slovenia during festival (approximately 600 km).
  • Gives quality stage, equipped with certain technical equipment at disposal.
  • Assures attendance, from SloFolk part authorized guide for easier communication between group and festival organizers during festival.
  • Assures non-financial assistance at eventual traffic accident and other misfortunes.
  • Hands over brochures about Slovenia for easier stay.

Obligations of invited group:

  • Come to SloFolk by bus (if the group come by other transport, the group is responsible for transport from town to town on their costs)
  • Determines precise structure of the coming group untill March 15th 2016:
    • number of men and women; not more than 30 persons all together (with drivers),
    • age (not younger than 18 years) and partition as for function: leader, dancer, musician, choreographer, companion, driver …
  • Indicates all particularities in respect of group member’s food wont.
  • Assures performances and animations during festival:
    • 1 performance a day lasting 2 times 10 to 15 min,
    • 1 performance a day lasting 30 to 45 min,
    • some short presentational animations.
  • Assures live
  • Assures all formalities necessary for staying in Slovenia (passports, visas, vaccination …).
  • Assures health insurance for every person in group.
  • Assures means of transport of its own (bus …), being able to travel all over Slovenia.
  • Hosts one of Slovene folklore groups, selected by SloFolk in its own country in next year on similar conditions for the same number of days.